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The Silver Shield is the highest award given by the Suffolk County PBA. It's only bestowed upon those who perform extreme acts of heroism, bravery and exceptional service.

2023 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Michael LaFauci 
  • Officer Shaun Sullivan 
  • Officer Douglas Gaul 

On May 11th, 2023, Police Officer Michael LaFauci, who is assigned to the 6th Precinct Anti-Crime Unit, was conducting patrol in the Coram area.
At approximately 12:45pm, Officer LaFauci observed a subject, who he knew was wanted for an armed robbery, enter a residential home.

Officer LaFauci notified Sergeant David Ferrara and Police Officer Shaun Sullivan of the situation and set up a surveillance team. 

A short time later, Officer LaFauci observed the wanted subject walking on the street.  Officer LaFauci approached the subject on foot and identified himself as a police officer, which prompted the subject to flee.  When Officer LaFauci took chase, the subject suddenly and unexpectedly fired two rounds from a handgun at Officer LaFauci attempting to kill him.  Officer LaFauci was shot by the subject, causing him to be incapacitated, and the subject fled the scene.  The bullet struck Officer LaFauci midstride, entering his right upper thigh and traveled through his pelvic cavity, causing trauma throughout the area.  Officer Sullivan and Sergeant Ferrara quickly responded to Officer LaFauci's location and applied Sergeant Ferrara's belt as a tourniquet to Officer LaFauci's leg in an attempt to control the bleeding.  Officer Sullivan made a radio notification with the fleeing suspect's description, direction of travel and possible location while Sergeant Ferrara coordinated the rapid emergency transport of Officer LaFauci to Stony Brook University Hospital.  Police Officer Douglas Gaul quickly responded to their location in his marked police vehicle and applied his department issued tourniquet to Officer LaFauci's leg.  Officer Sullivan, Officer Gaul and Sergeant Ferrara then loaded Officer LaFauci into the police vehicle for transport to Stony Brook University Hospital.  At this time, Detective Kevin Staubitz, who is assigned to the 6th Precinct Detective Squad and a member of the Department's MEDCAT team, arrived at the scene and applied an additional tourniquet to Officer LaFauci's leg.  Detective Staubitz also used a clotting agent to control the bleeding and continually assessed treatment.  Officer Gaul quickly transported Officer LaFauci to Stony Brook University Hospital where he received lifesaving treatment from trauma surgeon Doctor James Vosswinkle and his team.  Shortly after the incident, the suspect was taken into custody and charged with multiple felonies, including Attempted Aggravated Murder of a Police Officer.  Due to Officer Sullivan, Officer Gaul, Sergeant Ferrara and Detective Staubitz providing life-saving measures to Officer LaFauci, communicating pertinent information to other units and transporting Officer LaFauci to Stony Brook University Hospital in an expeditious manner we are here honoring them instead of attending a funeral.  Officer LaFauci was hospitalized for 7 days and is presently on the road to recovery.  He attends physical therapy twice a week, to address the damage from his injury, and we look forward to him returning to work.  Officer LaFauci is a hard-working, diligent Police Officer who risked his own life for the people of Suffolk County and is responsible for taking a violent felon off the streets.

For their bravery, intelligence, and presence of mind during this critical incident the Suffolk County PBA is proud to present Police Officer Michael LaFauci, Police Officer Shaun
Sullivan and Police Officer Douglas Gaul with the 2023 Silver Shield Award.

2022 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Raymond Stock 
  • Officer Brendon Gallagher 
  • Officer Michael LiVorio

On December 28th, 2022, at approximately 4:48 p.m., Police Officer Raymond Stock and Police Officer Brendon Gallagher, in unit 617, and Police Officer Michael LiVorio, in unit 619, responded to a call of a possible mental health crisis at a condominium complex in the Hamlet of Medford within the 6th Precinct.  

The caseworker for a resident of that location had called 911 because her client had menaced his roommate with a fire extinguisher, and she believed he was not taking his medication. After speaking with the caseworker, the Officers approached the apartment, established communication with the subject and subsequently entered. 

The Officers began to interview the subject when he suddenly turned combative, physically attacking the Officers. A brief struggle ensued, during which the subject produced a large hunting knife and began stabbing the Officers. The subject ignored orders to put down the knife and Officer Stock discharged his service weapon, striking the subject, in order to terminate the violent attack. 

After the threat was neutralized, the Officers became more aware of the nature of their injuries and began to administer first aid to themselves. They were quickly assisted by Officer Livorio and Sergeant David Zirkel, whose quick thinking and efforts proved essential to the wellbeing of the Officers. Sergeant James Dee took control of the situation and coordinated the response, crime scene preservation and transport of the critically injured Officers. 

Both Officers had been stabbed numerous times and were airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital where they received potentially life-saving treatment. Officer Gallagher was hospitalized for three days and received treatment for severe stab wounds to his chest, left hand and left bicep. Officer Stock underwent hours of emergency surgery for damage to his jugular vein and his thoracic duct, among other injuries, and was sedated and placed on a ventilator for 5 days during his 10-day hospital stay. Officers LiVorio and Gallagher have since returned to work and Officer Stock is presently on the road to recovery. 

For their bravery and intelligence during a violent attack that put their lives in danger, the Suffolk County PBA is proud to present Police Officer Raymond Stock, Police Officer Brendon Gallagher, and Police Officer Michael LiVorio with the 2022 Silver Shield Award. 

2021 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Christopher Racioppo
  • Officer Taylor Herbst
  • Officer Michael Aulivola
  • Officer Jarret Hanwright
  • Officer Christopher Morris

On April 10th 2021, Police Officer Christopher Racioppo attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle, driving at night without its lights on. The perpetrator refused to stop and then crashed a short distance away. The perpetrator fled on foot to the backyard of a nearby home. Officer Racioppo gave chase, and in the backyard, a violent physical confrontation took place. Officer Racioppo was stabbed in the thigh and was quickly bleeding out. A retired NYPD Detective was driving by and witnessed Officer Racioppo chase the perpetrator into the backyard, Frank “J.R.” Recupero jumped out of his car and ran to assist, despite the fact that he was unarmed, had no bulletproof vest and had no idea what he was getting involved with. J.R., upon reaching the backyard, saw Officer Racioppo leaning against the house and immediately began attempting to subdue the perpetrator. Officer Racioppo was quickly losing consciousness and was fighting for his life as J.R. fought with the perpetrator and encouraged Officer Racioppo to fight and stay awake. Police Officer Taylor Herbst was next on scene and immediately applied a tourniquet to the wound, without this decisive action, Officer Racioppo would have bled to death. Officer Michael Aulivola arrived next, and with JR’s continued assistance, did place the perpetrator in custody. With the arrival of Sergeant Frank Samartino, Officers Jarrett Hanwright and Christopher Morris, Sergeant Samartino made the lifesaving, split second, decision to transport Officer Racioppo in the Police vehicle and not wait for the ambulance. With Officer Morris driving and Officer Hanwright in the back seat with Officer Racioppo, they sped to Long Island Community Hospital.

Had one of the involved Officers not performed these heroic actions, had one of these Officers been on scene even slightly later, had one of these Officers panicked or made a mistake, had Sergeant Samartino not made that courageous decision and had the retired Detective not put his life on the line for a brother in blue that he had never met, if any small link in this miraculous chain was broken, Chris Racioppo would have died.

We ask you to honor these true heroes to make sure that Chris is here to raise his beautiful daughter with his loving wife and is not another name on the memorial wall. 

2020 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Pat Casiano
  • Officer Dario Perito

On December 19, 2020, PO Pat Casiano and PO Dario Perito were doubled working a 3x11 tour in Marked Unit 310 in Brentwood. At 22:15 hours they observed a black male in a Black Chevy Impala driving the wrong way on a one-way street that leads to the Brentwood Railroad Station and attempted to execute a Vehicle and Traffic stop. The subject quickly pulled into a parking stall and opened his door. Officer Casiano ordered the subject to close his door and when he did, he drove off Eastbound, toward the Railroad Station parking lot.

The subject stopped his vehicle on the Northeast side of the parking lot and quickly exited and fled on foot Eastbound on Suffolk Avenue. Officers Casiano and Perito pursued in their marked unit and observed the Subject entering the rear yard of 908 Suffolk Avenue. They exited their vehicle and pursued the subject on foot into the rear yard which had no lighting and was very dark. Utilizing Officer Perito’s flashlight, the Officers observed the subject heading toward a fence in the Southwest corner of the yard and ordered the subject to stop running and show his hands. The subject then stopped, crouched down and began reaching into a black bag. Officer Perito again ordered the subject to show his hands, but he refused to comply.

Officer Perito deployed his taser at the subject, but it failed to stop the subjects’ actions. The officer squeezed the trigger a second time and again, it failed to stop the subject. The officers then saw the subject draw a black handgun from the bag and turn towards them. Both officers were in fear for their lives and fired at the subject, who then fell to the ground.

Officer Casiano immediately transmitted “shots fired” over the radio and requested rescue. Officer Perito removed the handgun from the subjects hand and tossed it a safe distance away. The male had been struck several times and was pronounced deceased by the medical examiner. The subject was in possession of a .22 Long Rifle Caliber Semiautomatic pistol which was rendered inoperable due to damage to the frame caused by the impact of an officer’s bullet during the incident. Both officers were transported to Stony Brook University Hospital for evaluation. It was subsequently determined the officers had attempted a car stop of a Blood Gang member which led to a foot pursuit and ended in a police shooting against an armed adversary. The decisive action of Officer Perito and Officer Casiano and the bravery they exhibited in a dangerous situation deserves recognition.

2019 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Keith Jordan

On January 3rd, 2019, Police Officer Keith Jordan responded to a residence on Middle Road in Greenport in reference an intoxicated, homicidal male that threatened a civilian with a long weapon and had subsequently fired rounds from a shotgun at responding Southold Police Officers.

Officer Jordan was assigned to the turret of the SCPD emergency services unit armored vehicle (BEAR), which was staged approximately 200 feet in front of the subject’s residence. His assignment was to provide overwatch and protection for the ESU arrest team Officers that were positioned on the exterior front of the BEAR. During negotiations between the subject and hostage negotiation team (HNT), the subject, twice intentionally fired several shotgun rounds from within his residence at Officer Jordan and other ESU personnel, striking the BEAR on the driver’s side.

Officer Jordan and the ESU team members were notified that the subject was going to exit his house. When he did, he was carrying the shotgun. Numerous times he was ordered to drop the weapon and place his hands above his head. The subject did not comply and began to quickly walk towards the BEAR and the arrest team, still carrying his shotgun. When he was approximately 40 feet away from the ESU Officers the subject raised the shotgun and pointed it at the arrest team. Officer Jordan, fearing for the lives of his team members, shot the subject once, causing the subject to drop his weapon and fall to the ground.

Police Officer Keith Jordan who had already been fired upon by the subject, was faced with imminent threat of deadly physical force against his team members. He successfully performed an act of heroism while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary, at imminent personal hazard of life, in the intelligent performance of duty. For these reasons, Police Officer Keith Jordan is awarded the Silver Shield award for 2019.

2018 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Officer Thomas Wilson

On April 13th, 2018 Police Officer Thomas Wilson responded to a 911 hang-up call, to possibly check on the welfare of a person having difficulty breathing.

On arrival at the location, Officer Wilson could hear movement within the apartment but received no response when he knocked on the front door. He was able to look through a window in the door and observed there was a male within. Officer Wilson knocked again and identified himself as a Suffolk County Police Officer then heard a female voice scream out “please help, he stabbed me”.

The Officer yelled that he was going to force the front door open at which time the front door swung open and Officer Wilson was immediately confronted with a male subject armed with a bloody knife. The male subject while brandishing the knife began to advance from the doorway towards the Officer, forcing Officer Wilson to retreat and draw his service weapon. Wilson gave several orders for the male to drop the knife, but the male subject placed the knife against his own throat, begging Officer Wilson to shoot him.

Officer Wilson attempted to establish a dialogue with the subject to de-escalate the situation, but the male continued to make suicidal threats. The male retreated into the apartment still holding the knife and said, “If you won’t kill me, I’m going to finish the job”.

Believing that there was a stabbing victim within the apartment and fearing that the male was going to kill that victim, Officer Wilson disregarded his own safety and followed the male inside the apartment. Officer Wilson observed there was a female, lying in the hallway directly behind the armed male, bleeding profusely from several wounds. The male continued to move closer to the female in the hallway while pointing the knife at Officer Wilson while ignoring commands to stop and drop the knife. Realizing that shooting the subject could endanger the female directly behind the subject, Officer Wilson quickly transitioned to his Taser which he deployed hitting the subject and stopping him just prior to reaching the female.

Officer Wilson was able to quickly secure the knife and handcuff the male subject. He then began to administer first aid to the female who was bleeding from severe stab wounds to the neck, hands, and arms. The Officer used a towel to compress the neck wound and control the bleeding while keeping the victim calm all while maintaining control over the arrestee.

The attacker was ultimately charged with Attempted Murder 2, Attempted Assault 2, Menacing, Criminal Obstruction, Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4, Unlawful Imprisonment 2 and Criminal Mischief.

Officer Thomas Wilson disregarded the risk to his own life several times during this incident. He made intelligent tactical decisions which kept the female victim safe as well as facilitated the arrest of an armed subject. His ability to supply first aid to the female victim suffering a near-fatal carotid neck wound clearly saved her life.

For his determination and bravery involving danger and risk to his own life, the Suffolk County PBA is proud to present Police Officer Thomas Wilson with the Silver Shield Award for 2018.

2017 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • Police Officer Anthony Ferrara
  • Police Officer Michael Schneider

On 5/30/16 Police Officer Schneider and Police Officer Ferrara, responded to a 911 call regarding a residence on fire. Upon arrival, they observed that the west wing of the residence, a private home, was completely engulfed in flames. The Officers were informed by occupants who had escaped the residence that their grandmother was still inside the house. The occupants advised the Officers that their grandmother was severely burned, and they had unsuccessfully attempted to remove her from the residence. Realizing the urgency of the situation and that the fire department had not yet arrived, the Officers entered the burning residence and began to search for the family’s grandmother. Due to the overwhelming smoke and fire, they had to retreat from the residence on their first attempt. They made a second attempt, with the assistance of a neighbor, who was an “off duty” firefighter. Once inside and still dealing with heavy smoke and fire, they located an elderly female occupant who was lying on the floor of the hallway. Together they were able to lift the victim and remove her from the residence. The Officers immediately rendered first aid to the victim who had suffered severe burns to her head, shoulders, and chest. Rescue personnel arrived a short time later and the victim was transported to the nearest hospital in critical condition. The Officers quick response and willingness to put their own safety in jeopardy undoubtedly saved the life of the family’s grandmother. For their outstanding determination and bravery involving extreme danger and risk to their own lives, the Suffolk County PBA is proud to present Police Officer Michael Schneider and Police Officer Anthony Ferrara with the Silver Shield Award for 2017.

2016 Silver Shield Award Recipient P.O. Michael Cummings #5011 P.O. Anthony Russo #4880 P.O. Peter Cunneen #5218 P.O. Kevin Williamson #4387 On August 13, 2016, Police Officer Michael Cummings #5011, Police Officer Anthony Russo #4882, Police Officer Peter Cunneen #5218 and Police Officer Kevin Williamson #4387 were working a 7-3 tour in Emergency Services. At approximately 1:20 pm, these officers responded to a 911 call involving a man armed with knives at 281 Oakland Avenue, Central Islip. Upon arrival at the scene, the armed subject became confrontational towards these officers stabbing Officer Cummings in the face. The subject was taken into custody after being shot in the abdomen by one of the officers. Officer Cummings was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital where he underwent several hours of surgery for his facial injuries. For their outstanding acts of personal bravery, involving risk to their own lives, teh Suffolk County PBA is proud to present the 2016 Silver Shield Award to Police Officers Michael Cummings, Anthony Russo, Peter Cunneen and Kevin Williamson.  Member Links Edit My Online Account Event Calendar Event Flyers Forms Contract & Minutes Links Benefit Fund Retirement Info FYI: Member Information Special Offers SCPBA online store My shopping cart Constitutional Convention Log Out Quick Links SCPBA Memorial Members In The News Top Cops - Examples of Excellence Silver Shield SCPBA Media National Crime Prevention Council Megan's Law Information Social Media ConnectionsSuffolk County PBA Silver Shield Award 2016

2016 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • P.O. Michael Cummings #5011
  • P.O. Anthony Russo #4880
  • P.O. Peter Cunneen #5218
  • P.O. Kevin Williamson #4387

On August 13, 2016, Police Officer Michael Cummings #5011, Police Officer Anthony Russo #4882, Police Officer Peter Cunneen #5218 and Police Officer Kevin Williamson #4387 were working a 7-3 tour in Emergency Services. At approximately 1:20 pm, these officers responded to a 911 call involving a man armed with knives at 281 Oakland Avenue, Central Islip. Upon arrival at the scene, the armed subject became confrontational towards these officers stabbing Officer Cummings in the face. The subject was taken into custody after being shot in the abdomen by one of the officers. Officer Cummings was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital where he underwent several hours of surgery for his facial injuries. For their outstanding acts of personal bravery, involving risk to their own lives, teh Suffolk County PBA is proud to present the 2016 Silver Shield Award to Police Officers Michael Cummings, Anthony Russo, Peter Cunneen and Kevin Williamson.

2015 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • P.O. Michael Collins #5705

On March 11, 2015, Suffolk County Police Officer Mark Collins #5705, was assigned to the second precinct gang unit. Officer Collins and two partners were on patrol in an unmarked vehicle checking known gang locations. At 2350 hour they observed a Honda Accord speeding and driving erratically on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington Station. The Officers conducted a traffic stop and identified 3 of the 4 occupants as known gang members. During the car stop, a subject Police Officer Collins was well acquainted with, fled on foot and was immediately pursued by Officer Collins. Officer Collins was able to overtake the fleeing suspect and a violent confrontation ensued. Officer Collins deployed his Taser, which had no effect on the individual. Officer Collins then engaged in hand to hand combat, during which the gang member produced a handgun and fired four rounds at point blank range. Officer Collins was struck twice, once in his neck and once in his hip area. Police Officer Collins was seriously wounded and temporarily lost the use of his right arm and leg. With Officer Collins being unable to get to his service weapon or otherwise stop him, and with the suspect's gun out of rounds, the suspect fled. Officer Collins, shot, bleeding and paralyzed was still able to call for help. As other Officers arrived, he advised them who had shot him and then instructed them how to best render first aid, (Police Officer Collins is also a volunteer Fire Chief). Officer Collins was airlifted by Suffolk County Police helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital where the trauma team was successful in keeping him alive. The suspect was located by a K-9 unit, hiding in a shed and placed into custody within 1 hour of the incident. After a period of rehabilitation, Police Officer Collins returned to work and is currently assigned to the Emergency Services Section. Officer Collins' bravery and fortitude in the face of death allowed a violent, recidivist felon to be taken off the street. The perpetrator is currently serving 55 years to life in prison.

2014 Silver Shield Award Recipient

  • P.O. Michael Ronca #5442

On June 27th, 2014 while working a 2100x0700 tour of duty in marked unit 323A, patrolling the Bay Shore area, Police Officer?s Michael Ronca #5442 and Chistopher Ingwersen #6102 were conducting surveillance of a known gang house on Second Avenue in Bay Shore, attempting to locate a wanted subject. The Officers observed a subject run from the target location to a Dodge Durango parked in front of that location with a female operating the vehicle and a male passenger in the rear seat. The subject who left the house entered the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Upon leaving that location, the operator of the vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign on Second Avenue at which time the Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The operator did not immediately stop for the officers, and while the vehicle was still rolling, the subject that had just entered the front passenger seat jumped out of the passenger door and ran westbound on Roosevelt Street and North on Dewey Place. Officer Ronca began to pursue the subject on foot, while Officer Ingwerson stayed with the subject vehicle and its two occupants. Officer Ronca yelled to the subject multiple times. Police, Stop, the subject looked back over his shoulder at the Officer but kept running. While pursuing the subject, Officer Ronca noticed the subject kept his left hand in his waistband securing an object. The Officer unholstered his Taser and when he was close enough deployed the Taser on the subject successfully, and the subject went down to the ground with both hands underneath him at his waistband. The subject refused to be handcuffed, had his hands underneath him, and ignored continued orders to show his hands. Now with the subject refusing to show his hands, and attempting to get up from the ground, Officer Ronca deployed his Taser again, this time unsuccessfully. The subject broke free and continued to run until he encountered a 6-foot stockade fence at 3 Dewey Place. Officer Ronca, in close pursuit and about to overtake and tackle the subject when, the subject, unable to scale the 6-foot fence, turned and pulled a 38 caliber revolver from his waistband and pointed the gun at the Officer. Officer Ronca quickly drew his service weapon and fired 2 rounds. The subject fell backward and Officer Ronca took cover at the corner of the house, radioed his location, and continued to give verbal commands to the subject until the arrival of assisting units. The subject succumbed to his injuries. For his initiative in conducting surveillance on a known gang location, keen observations and use of training during a traffic stop, along with the training utilized during a violent physical encounter with an armed dangerous gang member, who showed no regard for the law, the Suffolk County PBA is honored to award its 2014 Silver Shield award to Police Officer Michael Ronca.

2013 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. Ryan Sefton #5448
  • P.O. James Poltorak #4551
  • P.O. John Klein #6109
  • P.O. Mark Kipybida #6217
  • P.O. Stephen Krolikiewicz #5623
  • P.O. Thomas Schmidt #6238
  • P.O. Jason Hubbard #6153
  • P.O. Patrick Olchovy #6230
  • P.O. Michael Lawrence #6219

On June 28th, 2013 at approximately 2225 hours, a 911 call was received reporting shots fired at 163 Carlton Drive East in Shirley. Arriving officers were unable to locate the cause of the disturbance at the front of that premise. Police Officers John Klein and Patrick Olchovy responded to the rear yard of the incident location to investigate further, once in the backyard Officer Olchovy knocked on the rear door of the premises. Paul Caruso, the resident of 163 Carlton Avenue, opened the rear door and immediately discharged a gun at Police Officers Klein and Olchovy. Officer Klein was struck by one of the rounds in his gun-belt. Officer Olchovy with no way to safely retreat from the gunfire was forced to jump from the rear deck of the house and sought cover. Officer Klein returned fire at Mr. Caruso which disabled the subject's weapon. Police Officer Mark Kipybida then knocked down a section of PVC fencing surrounding the rear yard of the premises by charging at the fencing with his body, facilitating an escape by Officer Klein from the rear yard. At the request of Officer Kipybida, Police Officers Stephen Krolikiewicz and Thomas Schmidt provided needed cover as Officer Kipybida knocked down the fence and Officer Klein escaped from the rear yard. The officers then sought cover and maintained a perimeter around the subject location, while some Officers began to evacuate the surrounding area to ensure the safety of nearby residents. Officers Krolikiewicz, Schmidt, Olchovy, now joined by Police Officers Jason Hubbard and Michael Lawrence assisted in evacuating adjoining neighbors - and, one case in particular, Officer Hubbard physically carried an elderly female neighbor so as to evacuate her quickly from the area to ensure her safety. The Subject (Mr. Caruso) soon exited the front of the residence now equipped with anti-ballistic body armor, an anti-ballistic helmet, and in possession of a rifle. The subject walked towards the officers and discharged several rounds at them from his rifle. Police Officers Ryan Sefton, and James Poltorak fired several rounds at the subject until the subject stopped shooting and fell to the ground. These Officers were able to quickly terminate the actions of a subject that was intent on causing great harm to responding officers, while also safeguarding all nearby residents. Despite the subject firing numerous times at them, none of the Officers involved were wounded by the rounds that were discharged by the subject.

For their heroic actions in facing a heavily armed adversary, the Suffolk County PBA is honored to award its 2013 Silver Shield award to these officers.

2012 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. Paul Pattilio - #5555
  • P.O. Daniel Hartman - #6183
  • P.O. Walter Fingerle - #5607
  • P.O. Patricia Davis - #5717

On 12-12-2011 at 0248 hours, P.O. Paul Pattilio #5555, P.O. Daniel Hartman #6183, P.O. Walter Fingerle #5607 and P.O. Patricia Davis #5717 responded to a 911 call stating someone was being held against their will in an unknown apartment at the Fairfield complex on Route 454 in Hauppauge. The officers arrived within 1 minute and began a search of the complex. They heard an altercation coming from one of the apartments. Officers Hartman, Pattilio and Fingerle approached the front door of the apartment, knocked and identified themselves as Police Officers. They immediately heard screams for help coming from within the apartment and attempted to force entry by kicking at the door. Officer Davis, stationed at the building's lobby door, requested Emergency Service units to respond. While making this request Officer? Davis observed two males flee the apartment from a side window. She notified the other officers, broadcast over the radio the direction of their flight, and along with Officer Pattilio entered into a lengthy foot pursuit of the subjects. The pursuit crossed over route 454 and into the county complex, where the suspects split up. Officer Pattilio chased one suspect along Rizzo Drive and was able to tackle him to the ground just east of the County Legislative Building and take him into custody. The 2nd suspect attempted to hide alongside the medical examiners building in some brush. Unable to see the suspect's hands, Officer Davis at gunpoint repeatedly yelled: "let me see your hands". The suspect disregarded her directions and began to run again. He was ultimately cornered by Davis in a side stairwell of the County Legislative Building. Davis requested an additional unit and the suspect was taken into custody.

Simultaneous to the foot pursuit, Officers Hartman and Fingerle gained entry to the apartment and discovered two males both bound hand and foot with electrical wire, their mouths gagged with socks and duct tape. One male had managed to remove part of the gag and was responsible for the calls for help heard by the officers. Both males, in addition to being bound, gagged, and held against their will, had been tortured, physically assaulted, branded with knives heated on the apartment stove, pistol whipped, and subjected to a game of Russian roulette.? Two additional persons within the apartment were taken into custody. Officers Fingerle and Hartman gathered useful information about the suspects being chased including descriptions and most important that they were both armed with handguns. This information was shared immediately with the officers involved in the pursuit. Fingerle and Hartman secured the scene and potential suspects as well as rendered first aid to the injured males.

After their arrest, the one suspect stated that if the Police had not arrived at the door we would have killed them. A canvass of the area the suspects had traveled while being pursued produced two handguns. One handgun was recovered in the wooded area alongside Route 454 and Old Willets Path. The 2nd gun was recovered in the brush area alongside the Medical Examiners building.

Both suspects arrested that night were charged with Robbery 1, Unlawful imprisonment 1, Assault 2, criminal use of a firearm 1. Two additional suspects were ultimately arrested and charged with Robbery 1, Kidnapping 2, and Criminal Use of a firearm1. In addition one of the subjects detained at the scene by Fingerle and Hartman was charged with Robbery 1, Unlawful Imprisonment 1 and Assault 2.

Due to the officer's rapid response and knowledge of the area they were able to locate the apartment from a vague description in a short period of time. The Officers once at the scene took actions without delay that ultimately saved the lives of the two males being tortured. P.O. Fingerle and Hartman attempts to enter the apartment caused the suspects to flee, and by eventually gaining entry to the apartment the officers secured needed evidence, potential suspects, as well as vital information that was needed by the pursuing officers. P.O. Pattilio and Davis engaged in a lengthy and dangerous foot pursuit which tested their stamina and tactics and placed them in harm's way while trying to apprehend two suspects both armed with handguns. It is because of their heroic actions and proper tactics that both suspects were arrested and two handguns recovered.

For their outstanding acts of personal bravery involving extreme danger and risk to their own lives, the Suffolk County P.B.A is proud to present Officers Paul Pattilio, Patricia Davis, Walter Fingerle and Daniel Hartman its prestigious Silver Shield Award for Police Action in 2012.

2011 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. Matthew DeMatteo #6090

P.O. Matthew DeMatteo #6090 has been with the Suffolk County Police Department since December 26, 2007, and is assigned to the 5th Precinct.

On January 17, 2011, at approximately 1246 hours, P.O. DeMatteo responded to a call to the south end of Candee Avenue in Sayville. The caller reported that someone had been dragged by their dog over the ice on the Great South Bay and was screaming for help after falling through the ice. P.O. DeMatteo was the first emergency unit on the scene. He observed a young girl, Sarah Thalhammer, up to her neck in the water approximately 50 yards offshore, screaming for help. Fearing that Sarah might have been in the frigid water in excess of 10 minutes, P.O. DeMatteo knew time was of the essence and he needed to act immediately. P.O. DeMatteo safeguarded his duty belt, retrieved his ring buoy from his vehicle, and proceeded out onto a rock jetty to minimize his travel distance on the ice.

P.O. DeMatteo crawled approximately 20 yards on his stomach in order to reach Sarah. Without assistance from Sarah, P.O. DeMatteo pulled her out of the water and onto the ice. Sarah had been in the water too long and was physically unable to move, so P.O. DeMatteo dragged her across the ice while crawling. As they got closer to the rock jetty, a Chief from Sayville Community Ambulance was able to throw a vehicle tow strap to help P.O. DeMatteo and Sarah to shore. But as P.O. DeMatteo continued to drag Sarah, both fell through the ice. In the water, P.O. DeMatteo was able to stand up with Sarah, exit the water back onto the ice and carry her to safety.

P.O. DeMatteo's quick thinking and heroic actions, while disregarding his own personal safety, allowed him to retrieve Sarah from the water without permanent injury to her. P.O. DeMatteo's actions on January 17, 2011, greatly reflect upon him and the Suffolk County Police Department. It is with great pride that the Suffolk County PBA bestows its coveted Silver Shield Award for 2011 to P.O. Matthew DeMatteo.

On May 14, 2012, P.O. DeMatteo will also be honored in Washington D.C. for his heroic actions and be presented the prestigious award of "Officer of the Month" for May 2011, by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

2010 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. Kathleen Focas - #1243
  • P.O. Anthony Calato - #5198
  • P.O. Keith Jordan - #5517
  • P.O. Terance Monahan - #5902
  • P.O. Peter Cucchiara - #4554
  • P.O. Clifford Lent - #5626
  • P.O. Gregg Schleier - #5659

On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, at approximately 1835 hours, a 911 call was dispatched indicating a fire alarm at a residence, 900 4th Street, West Babylon. Responding units encountered West Babylon F.D. personnel, who informed responding officers that a male subject was within said premises and had in his possession a gun and was menacing firefighters. The male subject had apparently set a fire in order to activate the home's fire alarm system. At some point, the armed subject had fled the premises on foot. At approximately 1853 hours, P.O. Kathleen Focas #1243 and P.O. Anthony Calato #5198, assigned Unit 110, located the subject at 5th St and 10th Avenue, West Babylon. He was wielding a shotgun. When encountered by these officers, he again fled from the scene. Shortly after, P.O.'s Calato and Focas, along with other responding units, including P.O. Clifford Lent #5626 and P.O. Gregg Schleier #5659, assigned Gang Unit 22, P.O. Terance Monahan #5902 and P.O. Keith Jordan #5517, assigned to the Wyandanch Task Force, and P.O. Peter Cucchiara #4554, assigned Unit 113, encountered the subject again. After numerous commands of "STOP POLICE" and "DROP YOUR GUN," the subject refused and replied to the officers, "No way, I can't do that!" At that point, the subject leveled his shotgun at a group of officers. Fearing for their safety and the safety of others, several officers discharged their service weapons. The subject went to the ground on his back, still clutching the weapon. Repeated commands to "DROP THE GUN" and "SHOW YOUR HANDS" were repeated to the armed subject. The subject sat upright, again brandishing the shotgun at officers. A second volley of rounds was discharged by the officers. The subject again fell to the ground. The officers approached the subject and recovered the shotgun along with a K-Bar type knife, flare gun, pocket knife and handcuffs. First aid was administered until rescue arrived. The subject was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he subsequently expired.

For their outstanding acts of bravery, professionalism, and determination, the Suffolk County P.B.A. is proud to present Police Officers Kathleen Focas, Anthony Calato, Clifford Lent, Gregg Schleier, Terance Monahan, Keith Jordan and Peter Cucchiara its prestigious Silver Shield Award for Police Action in 2010.

their outstanding acts of bravery, professionalism, and determination, the Suffolk County P.B.A. is proud to present Police Officers Kathleen Focas, Anthony Calato, Clifford Lent, Gregg Schleier, Terance Monahan, Keith Jordan and Peter Cucchiara its prestigious Silver Shield Award for Police Action in 2010.

2009 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. Sean Mahony - #3516
  • P.O. Matthew Pellegrini - #5886
  • P.O. James Oresto - #5909
  • P.O. Jason LaRosa - #5912

On August 6, 2009, at approximately 1:10 a.m., Officers Sean Mahony #3516, Jason LaRosa #5886, James Oresto #5909, and Matthew Pellegrini #5912, of the Fifth Pct responded to a call of shots being fired in the vicinity of First Street in Bellport.

Upon arrival at the location the Officers observed a light on at 11 First Street, they exited the vehicle and approached the residence. As they got closer to the residence, they observed a male subject standing outside, who appeared to have an automatic weapon hanging from his neck by a strap.

The Officers immediately drew their weapons and took cover behind vehicles parked at the location. From a position of cover, the Officers gave verbal commands for the subject to drop the weapon. The subject was agitated and began yelling "You are going to have to take me." The subject then turned from the Officers and walked into the house.? Believing there may be innocent people within the house, the Officers made several pleas for the subject to drop his weapon and come outside to them. After a short period of time the subject did exit the house, however, he still had the weapon strapped around his neck and now the officers noticed a large hunting knife in his belt. Numerous verbal commands were given for the subject to drop his weapon, to which he replied, "You are going to have to take me. F--- you. You are going to need to take me." The subject then put his hand on the handle of the weapon and on the trigger. The Officers continued to plead with the subject to drop his weapon. The subject then said, "So you are going to point your guns at me?" and pointed his weapon at the Officers. Believing their lives were in jeopardy, the Officers were left with no other option but to fire their weapons at the subject.

For their outstanding acts of personal bravery, professionalism and determination, the Suffolk County P.B.A. is proud to present Police Officers Sean Mahony, Jason LaRosa, James Oresto and Matthew Pelligrini its prestigious Silver Shield award for Police Action in 2009.

2008 Silver Shield Award Recipients

  • P.O. David Katzen
  • P.O. Frank Rendon

On June 20, 2008, members of the Emergency Service Section, in conjunction with members of the Narcotics Section, took part in an operation which included the execution of numerous high-risk search warrants throughout Suffolk County, NY. This operation was an effort to break up a multi-county illegal drug-trafficking network.

At approximately 0652 hours, one team of Emergency Service Officers began a search warrant at 85 Bay Road, Brookhaven, NY. Emergency Service Officers David Katzen and Frank Rendon, comprising the Shield Team, led the Entry Team into the residence. While announcing, "Police...search warrant," they cleared the way to the rear portion of the residence. When they reached the bedroom at the rear of the house, they engaged an adult male who was pointing a firearm at them. Both Officers began ordering the subject to "drop the gun." The subject instead began firing at the Officers from only a few feet away. Fearing for not only their own safety but the safety of the other Team members in the house - and the other Officers and civilians outside the house - they engaged the subject, returning fire. During the ensuing gun battle, the subject continued to fire his weapon while trying to move to a position of tactical advantage. Knowing that the longer this subject kept firing his weapon, the more likely it would be that an innocent person would be struck by gunfire, Officers Katzen and Rendon courageously moved forward into the bedroom. With rounds striking all around them, they returned fire until the subject ceased firing.

The bravery and tactical proficiency exhibited by these Officers exemplifies what's best in our Department and is worthy of the highest recognition.

For their outstanding act of personal bravery involving extreme danger and risk to their own lives, the Suffolk County P.B.A. is proud to present to Officers David Katzen and Frank Rendon its prestigious Silver Shield Award for Police Action in 2008.

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